Zenith EI Primero Chronomaster 1969 For Cohiba 50th Anniversary

Cohiba is one of the world’s most famous top Cuban cigar suppliers, during its 50th anniversary, Zenith cooperated with Cohiba and launched two new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 limited edition.

rose gold Bvlgari Lvcea tourbillon El Primero Chronomaster 1969 limited edition

The aesthetics design of those two new limited timepiece were deeply effected by this famous Cuban cigar. Havana brown dial embossed with Cohiba pattern. Between the Zenith and Cohiba trademark, there is a famous contour of the original Taino inhabitants. Elegant watch case made of the stainless or the rose gold, 42 mm dimension. A date window located at 11 o’clock position, from here you can see the running of EI Primero 4061 automatic movement. Turn over the case, case back engraved with Cohiba brands’ 50 anniversary mark, through the transparent case back, you still can see the automatic rotor engraved with ‘Geneva pattern’.

El Primero Chronomaster 1969 limited edition El Primero Chronomaster 1969 limited edition

‘Guhiba is not only the best brand under Habanos, it also means the endless pursuit of the excellent quality, it is our(Zenith) honour to cooperate with it’. Aldo Magda gave the above speech, the brand’s chief execusive officer, ‘Two brand’s master are talented and with mature skills, the key point of our work is to improve our customers’ products experience. We still believe that, the up coming limited timepieces can meet the requirements of two field connoisseur at the same time.’

El Primero Chronomaster 1969 limited edition

Stainless steel Zenith new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 timepieces launched 500 pieces, rose gold version limited 50 pieces.

2016 Fashion Trend Bow Decoration

Seems bow has been related with ‘Sweet girl’ impression and tie it up firmly. This season, the designers took the bow decoration into the handsome clothes of the city’s ladies, and let the bow interprets the beauty uncovered.


Before we often see the bow with the silk belt or the gift box, while on this season, bow changed its impression and showed on the high-end clothes. Chloe, Lanvin and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini showed the sexy of the neck by the bow located at the neck. While Balenciaga, Delpozo, N° 21 and Rochas display it on the chest, suddenly this distinctive bow becmae the weapon for the ladies. However Proenza Schouler is sort of thoughtful, a strap design looks like a bow makes one’s eyes opened at once. Of course the bow at the waist is more attractive, while the Etro silk belt bow is a bit boring. Gucci, Jacquemus, Marni, Simone Rocha, Temperley London and Toga used strap, silk belt and others form to show the bow, and Maison Margiela took the inspiration from Japanese kimono, used the strap and the silk belt together. Creative Ellery decorated the bow at the elbow.





Maison Margiela

Is it beautiful and elegant the design above? Actually in our daily life, you will not only find the bow appearas in your clothes, like your shoes also have one maybe, they also transfer a ‘sweet impression’. And what’s more, your hair decorations may also have some bow design. Even the knickers with bow decoration. Bow decoration will never fade and it also the symbol of sweet.

An Article For You To Get A Fashion Watch That Goes Well With Your Dressing

At the watch field, the watch taste of the woman’s are certainly quite week than the man’s. The aim of pursuing the watch for most of the ladies are focusing on fashion, thus those fashion watches are more popular by women. Those watches maintain their DNA and keep contact with the fashion clothing design. Those fashion watches are not worse than the professional watches, they also have their own style. Now, let’s reinterpert those fashion watches and make yourself easier to hold those fahsion watches.

fashion watches

View from the watchmaking aspect, most of the fashion watches are equipped with quartz movement, however the ‘Beauty’ is the marrow of the fashion watches, and the design is the important part of the fashion brand, with the natural advantage it has, it is easy for those fashion watches get into the watches market. Standing firm on the basic watchmaking theory, keeps walking towards to the haute horlogerie. Thus the fashion watches are not as easy as you can imagine. With the professional watchmaking background, certainly they win the trust of the consumers. So, what kind of fashion watches can we buy? The familiar brands we know have Dior, Chanel, Hermes and others.

Chanel PremierePop Pink strap watches

Chanel PremierePop Pink strap watches. The born of the ‘Premiere’ started the road of the watchmaking. The charming part of the Premiere is that it could be a watch and it also can be a bracelet, it is all-match. The style of Premiere is changing now, while the strap has became a icon of it, and it is a classic work of Chanel.

Dior La D de Dior Satin series

Dior La D de Dior Satin series, 19 mm stainless steel watch case, diamonds and pink mother-of-pearl dial. Dior constantly creating the watchmaking spirit and put it into the watchmaking, the movement making made a great progress at the same time. The most important is you can recognize the exquisite flower edge, embroidery and the feather craftsmanship at the fashion show, those craftsmanship also used in the watchmaking, it is totally not the fashion watch in your memory.

Hermes Arceau 36 mm lady's watch

Hermes Arceau 36 mm lady’s watch. It is well known that Hermes is famous for the harness, and the harness is particular about the leather. Use this leather as the watch strap, this certainly becomes a unique fashion watch style. From the first watch series to a watchmaking workshop, then to a leather strap workshop in Swiss, then it has the excellent self-made movement and more well known series. Like Dressage, Arceau, Slim d’Hermess and others. This is not just the classic design style but the reputation of the ‘prefessional making’.

BBLLUUEE Skeletonized Art-The Combination Of Retro Style And Fashion

The art pf paper-cut has more than 2,000 years of history, it is one of the oldest folk arts, and the inheritance of oriental Art and culture. As a skeletonized art, it gives ones a sense of transparent in visual and the extraordinary artistic enjoyment.

BBLLUUEE spring series, used the textured as the material, fashion and changing contured design, to speculate the details and fusion, start from the traditional paper cutting, from its flower style and form, no matter is the exquisite skeletonized flower pattern or the false or true complement, you would be the eye-catching person

BBLLUUEE spring series

Straight texture, elegant European import fabrics, small A contour, fit for different figure, the simple the fashion design, it releases the amazing of the skeletonized paper art, the front used shadow skeletonized process, it does have a special charm of art. This one is available in ink blue and asakusa apricot.

BBLLUUEE spring series

Fabrics material imported from Europe, delicate diagonal texture, lustre downy and refined, high waist line design, bud style long skirt, it highlights the proportion of the figure, lovely small square collar, fashion and elegant. The skeletonized paper-cut at the chest location brings this skirt a retro-inspired art temperament.

BBLLUUEE spring series

Elastic material of the lines, comfortable and friendly to the skin, straight body concise profile, quite capable, the details of the placket with a unique design, it is more fashion and newest, bad with white skeletonized paper-cut element, the entire dressing brings a fresh visual perception.

BBLLUUEE spring series

As to take the flower material from water wave texture, abstract the sole of the paper-cut art, three component fiber blended together, western style stereo clipping, high waist design, draw the outline of the beautiful figure. Yarn quality V-neck, this is the classic Oriental flavor.

BBLLUUEE spring series

BBLLUUEE said that, ‘Clothes as the fashion stuff, it matters the fashion trend, it as the culture has related with the traditional heritage. Oriental traditional paper cutting art, engraving and hollowing, are the necessary design ways of the fashion stage, its particularity, diversity and alternative, to clothing with unparalleled style charm’.

How To Build Up A Fashion Appearance By Ankle Length Trousers

Ankle Length Trousers
The early of the summer time, crop jean is one of the necessary clothings in your clothset. Among those popular and fashion trousers, a crop jean is easy to match with other clothes, and the effects it bring is also changeable. The following four models are the popular matching for this crop jean, those from the latest fall and winter fashion week. No matter what kind of figure you have, crop jean is easy to show the length of your leg, the proper to show your ankle is the golden rule for slim. Those crop jeans are just reach your ankle and gives a slim appearance.

Ankle Length Trousers

Matching with high heel, an obviously tall and slim appearance. No matter how tall you are, each girl can try this matching, crop jean and high heel, this not only reflects a tall feeling, but light up a fresh sense in your normal dressing. Crop jean is just properly to show your ankle, matching with the high heel. a effect of ‘taller and taller’ is right there. Light crop jean makes the yellow snake pattern high heel more distinctive, and also enhances the visibility of the yellow shirt.

Ankle Length Trousers

For those lovely and short girls, we can match the long jacket with the high heel, your jacket would cover your figure lines and you should try to show your ankle as much as you can, so that it will not look like ‘tiny girl’. This matching is popular among those western countries.

Ankle Length Trousers

If there is a old straight jeans in your closet and you are going to dump it, now there is a way can keep this trousers. Tailor the old jean into the fashion ankle length trousers, matching with round toe high heel, suddenly a retro-inspired and personal style is there.

Ankle Length Trousers

Crop jean and sports shoe, which is the interpretation of the comfort. There is no doubt that 2016 is hte wolrd of the sports shoes. Matching with the crop jeans is the retro style in 80’s, it will give you a wide connection today. Choose the normal black or white sports shoes, this is comfortable ans easy to hold it in any places, and also it will bring a young effect. Jacket, jeans, spirits, these three items together is a big ‘Comfort’.

Ankle Length Trousers

Crop jean and ankle boot, too beautiful to go out! The reason why crop jean match with ankle boot released a gorgeous looking is that the trouser and the boot both keep a certain place. They were born to be a good partner. Especially on Spring, each style can perfectly shows your slim appearance. Jacket, jeans and the boot, this matching, Alexa Chung uses it every year, while the trouser is crop jean, the boot is silver ankle boot. Change items for the popular items right now, you still can be a eye-catching point.

Ankle Length Trousers

Wear a belt for the crop jean, with a high collar of sweater, match with an ankle boot, the popular good looking is there.

The obviously part of the ankle length trousers is it shows a proper ankle, and this lengthen the length of your leg and gives a tall effect. No matter how you match this kind of trouser, at least you try as simple as you can, show a proper ankle as much as you can, then this appearance is always the comfortable vision.

How To Dress Out Your Own Style On the Approaching Summer

The hot summer is coming up, most of the beautiful girls definitely want to dress out a unique style and be outstanding. However, some of you would think that sunscreen protection is the key work for you, everybody don’t wanna be a chrocolate. And some of you would dress some light and well ventilated clothes, and some even say just stay at home, be anotaku. Well, human beings are born to play, eat and sleep, we have the right to enjoy everything that designed in this world. This summer, neither you show up in a different and elegant way, nor you just be a man that out of the trend. Now let’s talk deeply about how to dress your own way in this summer and be a star in the crowd.

Leisure Summer Style

In this season, light color is the key role, not only the roles on the stage, in the Met gala this year, it also the eye-catching stuff for those famous female stars. From the metal luster to the silk tone, light luster texture, they are the key elements for the fashion trend. Some guys are good at choosing the clothes, and find the perfect material of the clothes that good for their skin. Different people have different taste on the color of the clothes. Well I highly recommend that in such hot weather, the ultra sheer nude color works to increase eye color longevity. Silver nude color satin material can get the black, white and gray color out of the sense of boring. Simple blouse match with fitted trouser suit, this dressing not only releases a gorgeous womanliness but also can let the simple wearing suddenly be a fashion focus attention. Those soft and with light luster satin material clothes, match with the metal and the pink color clothes, I bet you will be a outstanding in the crowd. New guys can start from the satin T-shirt, match with jeans, then there is a new of you. Others can try the whole satin matching, mix with different, or a western style clothes, the shinny star is you!

Leisure Summer Style

A loose blouse and a parachute skirt, this appearance releases a romance temperament, it’s also the popular dressing in this season. Those guys who tensed about this figure can try those loose clothes, try to avoid the tight clothes, then you can avoid the bullet from the public.

Leisure Summer Style

You shouldn’t miss the western style that made by Aline, this style clothes will give you a temperament of gentlewoman, Lanvin short western skirt is the best example, and the skirt that reach to the knee is also lovely, that is kind of sexy and womanliness.

How to make a Jessica Lowndes


Jessica Lowndes is a very sexy makeup which is very suitable for all kinds of parties. So how to build this kind of makeup? Actually that is not much difficult and here are something you nee to do.


Step 1: Before painting the eyes, you have to properly set the point at the end of the eyes. At the corner of the eyes or the place of eyelid crease cross leave a point. If not sure you can put eyeliner in the nose and outer corner of the eye so that the point comes out.


Step 2: Combine the point you’ve done before with the outer corner of the eyes. That’s a line just like the picture show you. And next will be very easy.


Step 3: Drawing an eye line from the top of the eye to the end. From the top to middle of eyes you can draw along with eyelash, and then gradually widen and finally associate with the end of eye. Look at the picture you will figure out the trigonum of the end of eye is blank.


Step 4: To fill the gaps in the liner with black eyeliner pencil. Make sure no blank, if you find the roots of eyelashes haven’t fully filled, then do it. Otherwise it looks so strange.

See ! How simple they are! Maybe three minutes is okay to make a beautiful look.



Learning Nail-painting Constantly Improve Your Temperament


Prior to the nail-painting, manicure is a must. This Manicure is not supposed to too long or they would not be so good-looking. The shape of the nail should make it semi elliptical, which look more slender for your hands.


You can paint the nail after manicure. Firstly, adding a layer of oil on the nail for protecting nail form damage. Someone don’t like the bottom oil, as a result, the nails turn yellow after resurrection. After the oil dry painting on the indigo blue nail evenly. According to the effect you can check out if there is necessary to paint again. If out of bounds painted in the process, you can use cotton swab clean it.


Make sure waiting for the indigo blue nail polish dry , you can move on the next step. I advise you guys buy this kind of thin strips manicure stickers and cut them into pieces, and put it on the position of 1/3 of the nail ( like the picture)

Using a small pair of scissor cut the extra golden sticker on both sides, you must be careful and make sure it cuts the right position. After that, press the end of edge part with your fingers and the sticker and nail will more fit.


Last, the bright oil seal the top of nail. If you haven’t finished this, the sticker will be easy gone or ruined. So that’s pretty important. After this step finished, a beautiful nail-painting is over. What do you think? Would you like to try?

See! How They Walk Into Fashion Dress Up in Euro and America

As we all known high-end fashion culture comes form Euro and America. Why? Not because they have tall and slim figure but they live a fashion life, love fashion and keep pursuing high quality of life. So in the street of these places you will find out what they wear always in fashion. There are many stylish, like casual, modern, retro and so on. If you want to be a fashion people, why don’t you get into their fashion atmosphere.

dress up1

A stamping chiffon long jacket, which don’t pick people, is suitable for everyone no matter how fat you are or how thin you are. Tall goddess wear this item, tie a button in the waist, show different style. Wearing a white shoes bring a flavor of street.

dress up2

It’s been welcome several seasons for asymmetric design. A black and white striped skirt suit, following skit hem, make you feel more cool. Choosing one shoulder show your sexy scapula, so it highlight charming sexy figure. It make sure catch lots of eyes.

dress up3

Simple and stylish item, strapless design, and loose trousers make you have a cooling summer. Matching up with a small cross-body bag and a brilliant sun glasses, you must be the shiny one while walking in the street.

Here are still more photos for you as below.

dress up4dress up5dress up6